February Employee of the month

Deborah Jones, Support Worker from Ty Dol near Swansea is our Employee of the month for February. Congratulations, Deborah!

Deborah’s nominations are for working especially well with a person supported at Ty Dol to address a hoarding situation. While other team members were met with refusal when suggesting cleaning, Deborah gradually managed to develop rapport with this person. Setting aside time on her night shifts, she built trust and shared a friend’s story about hoarding. Eventually, she set a date to work towards, then gave up a free day to support with starting the task.

The person supported said: “Since moving in 6 months ago, I’ve not only struggled with my mental health, but with my emotional and physical health too. After being bed bound for almost a decade at my mother’s, it’s been a big change for me all around.

“Within this time frame, I’ve found it difficult to ask for help and even when help has been offered, I’ve been too ashamed to accept. Consequently, my flat became a fire and safety hazard. All the staff at Ty Dol are amazing and helpful, but somehow Deb has been the one able to get through to me. Together we did wonders!

“Since then, even when she is not on shift, I have been doing my flat little by little. I have begun to be excited about decorating as well as keeping on top of the cleaning and tidying.”

Runners up

Runners up for February are Charlotte Danbury, Practice Lead at Maldon House in East Sussex and Anthony Moran, Support worker at Homeleigh in Manchester.

Thinking ‘outside the box’ Charlotte receives praise for helping one person in #HavingFun on his health journey with inventive strategies. She has arranged swimming, health walks to different locations, meal preparation and fun fitness activities. “She makes you feel that their welfare is her prime concern at all times,” said a parent.

Anthony has encouraged a person he supports to re-learn living skills, which he had lost following the death of a close friend four years ago. Since becoming his keyworker in October 2023, Anthony has encouraged and supported this person to be brave. As a result, he has re-engaged with personal care, takes meals with others, and now prepares his own meals. He is now more confident and sociable and has a goal of trying some community activities.

Well done to all three team members for supporting such amazing outcomes.