Embracing new opportunities

Shalev is embodying our values of being brave and making it happen in his new role at a global company specialising in executive training and development

Shalev landed a new job this summer, working two days a month as Neurodiversity Officer at CTG. He travels to the Managing Director Brad Solomon’s house to work alongside him for two consecutive days every month.

Having never worked in an office environment before, Shalev is learning a lot in his new position which entails attending online meetings with Brad. He takes notes during client meetings, summarising the conversations about leadership and coaching, learning about this subject along the way.

“We help and develop people to help them get in the right place to get into a job,” Shalev explains, adding, “I really like all the clients I meet on Zoom. It’s nice to get to know them.”

How does he feel about the new job? “It’s amazing,” he says. “I really enjoy all the feedback from my colleagues. Laura, my manager, she’s amazing. This job has really helped me to focus on my emotions. I have learned new skills such as focusing on listening to people, not interrupting when they are speaking and how to take notes in meetings.”

No stranger to work, Shalev has been volunteering at the Redbrick Café near to his home since 2015. However, he is delighted to be earning money at CTG. With his first pay cheque he bought his mother a new DAB radio. Now he’s saving up to go to Barcelona with Brad and plans to watch a football match while he’s there. Brad has nothing but praise for his new employee, saying: “Shalev is totally committed to his new role at CTG.”

Preparation support

Shalev, who is in his thirties, has lived in one of our supported living homes in Hertfordshire for 16 years. He was supported by his key worker to prepare for his job interview, researching the company in advance, and heard that he’d been successful in July.

Another member of the team at CTG, who Shalev jokingly refers to as his Executive Assistant, is Rocky the dog! Brad sent us a picture of the two co-workers relaxing together.

When asked how she feels about Shalev’s big achievement, Shalev’s mother says: “[It’s] totally wonderful – I am immensely proud of Shalev and the young man that he has grown in to today. He has been very lucky to have had the support and encouragement over recent years from various people at [his supported living home] and beyond.

“Brad has given him this wonderful opportunity to help him feel he is ‘someone in the world’ and given him the chance to show people what can be achieved. Recognition, respect and belief are just some aspects that benefit those who are neurodiverse. Shalev has been given these in spades. May he go from strength to strength!”