Educational Day Service Christmas Cards

Achieve together’s Educational Day Service in Bath designs and sells beautiful Christmas cards every year. We spoke to Team Members at the service to learn more about the process – we even have some behind the scenes photos of the very cards you can buy being designed!

Educational Day Service in Bath has been making and selling beautiful Christmas cards for over a decade now, with all funds raised going back into the Service, and being used to buy things such as specialist equipment for the area.

The design and production of the Christmas cards is a 2-month long process with design starting in September and first orders being taken in November for packs of 10 or 20. The attention to detail is brilliant, with each card not only featuring a beautiful design on the front, but also a BSL fingerspelling label on the back. As well as these artfully produced Christmas cards, the team of designers are happy to make cards for any occasion and enjoy taking commissions too – this includes everything from birthday cards to special anniversaries, so have them in mind if you’ve got something coming up!

This fantastic service has a group of 14 people, made up of those they support and team members, who each work on all stages of the production process. Everyone has some of their work featured on cards that are sold and subsequently shared between family and friends whether at Christmas or another event in the year.

There is a small gift shop at Educational Day Service and a gift cabinet in the Main House, for which people supported enjoy making all sorts of festive goodies, as well as the cards. An especially lovely time of year is the stocking of the shop in the run up to Christmas, which coincides with a number of local community craft fairs which everyone enjoys attending from October onwards.

So, who are some of the marvellous lead designers of 2022’s cards…

Robin Cards – Barney, Solomon, Simon and Nicola

Christmas Tree – Toni

Christmas Gnome – Zara

Christmas Dinosaur – Solomon

If you would like to purchase a pack of these lovely Christmas cards, with a 20% discount for all team and family members, please send an email to