A kitchen job with cooking potential

Edward recently landed a job in the kitchen at a nearby home. We speak to him about his experiences of gaining employment

Edward, who lives in Norwich, recently landed a job in the kitchen at an Achieve together residential home nearby. Edward says he loves helping the chefs and organising the washing up.

But Edward isn’t resting on his laurels. At the moment, his main role is the vital task of cleaning, but Edward aspires to level-up his skills.

“In the future I would like to cook as well”, he smiles, and his team are supporting him to learn these skills in the kitchen at home. He can deftly undertake the herculean task of putting together a roast with very little help, and his team are working with him so that he can eventually do it all on his own – without his sous chefs!

Edward, who is a British Sign Language user, is fully involved in his progression and reviews risk assessments – he even keeps a copy of the HR policy close by! His team support him with new tasks, routines and getting to work safely, and are incredibly proud with all he has achieved.

Edward is greeted in the kitchens of his workplace as a valued colleague and he loves his job. “Follow your dreams and find a job that makes you happy” he says proudly.

Of course, a job brings a host of benefits such as self esteem and a sense of purpose, but Edward is also excited about having his own money, and hopes to save for a new laptop and some jeans with his wages.

When asked if he would recommend having a job, he simply says: “Yes, I would!”


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