What Makes Us Special

We support a self-advocacy group Campaign 4 Change who are a strong voice for the people we support. Their views guide our values and policies.

We do more than is expected of us and we have a positive attitude.

We know we sometimes make mistakes. When we do make a mistake, we are honest about it and we learn from it.

We have 25 years of experience in supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

This helps us support each person in the best, most relevant and creative way.

In addition to our great support staff we have other expert teams to give extra help in other areas of life, such as:

Clinical Team – gives extra support with physical, sexual and mental health.

Quality Team – makes sure that you are getting the best quality of life and the best support.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Team – support people who may have behaviours that are different.

Family Liaison Officer – helps staff and families to work well together.

We believe that our staff deserve to be rewarded for the job that they do, so we give them chances to get higher jobs and celebrate what they do best.

We always want to give the best quality support to people.

Our top managers have excellent skills in supporting people with different needs, and are great leaders.


Achieve together wants people we support to have full and rich lives.

We have many different and interesting events all year round so that people we support have a chance to do meaningful things.

Here are some examples of these events:

People’s Awards – an event to celebrate many important achievements of people we support every year.

Driving Up Quality Roadshows – an event to share experiences and best ways to support people.

Athletics Championship – a sports competition where people receive medals from Olympic and Paralympic champions.

Black History Month – celebrating different cultural groups across the UK.

Supportive Therapies Day – an event to share the best ways to support people with many learning disabilities and health needs (PMLD).

To find out more or speak to one of our team members, please contact Achieve together on info@achievetogether.co.uk

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