Our Purpose and Values

At Achieve together we want to give the best quality support.

We always put people we support and their families at the heart of everything we do.

Good quality support starts with our organisation and staff having the right values and attitudes.

We wanted to find out what people we support thought a good support worker should be like.

We asked people we support from all over England and Wales to describe a good support worker.

Based on what people we support said, Achieve together came up with a new Purpose Statement and Values.

A Purpose Statement is a list of things we promise to do in our organisation.

Our Values are something we hold important in our organisation and what we follow when we do our job.


To help people make every day count through excellent care and support.

To make sure that the people we support have a strong voice.

To work together with families so that they choose us to support their loved ones.

To be an excellent employer helping our staff to get better jobs and work with us for a long time.

To work together with people who buy our services to give support in the local area that people need and that is good quality and not expensive.

To be able to support people with the most complicated needs.

To use new technology in order to support people in new, effective ways and be good at talking.

Work together with other organisations in the country to make support better and speak up for people with learning disabilities and different needs.

To grow our organisation bigger, particularly focusing on supporting people with the most complicated needs.


Making Things Happen

We have the passion, energy and strength to get through challenges and achieve together.

Having Fun

We get the most out of every day and celebrate our successes and what we have achieved.

Being Brave

We are creative and confident, helping the people we support and our teams to achieve their goals.

Valuing Everyone

We value the talents of every person and work together to help everyone achieve their best.

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