CW moves on to independent living

CW, who moved to supported living in 2017, is now moving on to independent living!

CW has made amazing progress since moving to supported living near Manchester in 2017.

She was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder which caused her to have hallucinations. She spent 10 years in various hospital settings.

In February this year, CW was admitted to hospital due to a decline in her mental health. She wanted independence but her risky behaviours put her in danger. Support Team members agreed to work with CW and formed a plan about how she wanted to be supported. Previously, there was little routine in CW’s life; she would stay in bed until 2pm and refuse to get up. Part of the plan included CW setting an alarm on her phone to get up by 10am each day.

CW worked as agreed with the plan. This resulted in growing and developing the necessary skills to live independently. She completed a medication training workshop where she scored 100% and went on to self-medicate. With her confidence growing, she joined a gym, went walking and engaged with team members. Having previously had issues with relationships in the past, CW met Paul and their relationship grew from strength to strength. They recently went on holiday together, which was a big step for CW. The holiday did come with anxiety for CW – the big airport and a strange, new country – but she faced her fears head-on and ended up having a lovely time.

On her return from holiday, CW decided that she has gained the skills and confidence to live independently. She is working alongside her support team to ensure she is ready for her move date at the end of the year and feels happy and comfortable with the plans in place that the staff have created.

An amazing, inspiring story!