Croft House

With the help of the support team at Croft House, a person we support who had been in a secure mental health facility for 35 years, has made a smooth transition

Today we bring you all amazing things the people we support and their support workers have been up to at Croft House in Torbay recently. Croft House is a residential service with a specific focus on forensic mental health and patients leaving secure mental health facilities. They focus on increasing the independence of individuals through initiatives such as voluntary employment and integration into the community.

Team members make sure that everyone at the home is fully supported and encouraged to do the activities that they want to do. One individual at the home volunteers at a mindfulness community café each week which has really increased his confidence as he is constantly talking to and meeting new people. He also attends face to face courses such as food preparation and hygiene. Another attends occupational therapy courses such as budgeting and cooking

Another person who recently moved into the home after 35 years in a secure mental health facility has settled in extremely well with support. His room has been personally decorated by him and support team memvers to include records and Elvis posters It is a real sanctuary for him. He has also really integrated into the community by taking up hobbies such as fishing, nature walks and dog walking.

All of the people we support at Croft House like to go to National Trust parks and nature walks, as well as take part in frequent exercise, like football or going to the gym.