My Home’s Got Talent – Week 1

Lets have a look at the entries for the first week of the Achieve Together Talent Show – My Home’s Got Talent!

The winners!

Thankyou to Millview House for spreading smiles and positivity to everyone!

1 – The Droveway created a beautiful rainbow banner to lift their spirits, and to send a message of positivity to their neighbours!

2 – Alan from Caradoc showcases his collage skills to make a car!

He says ‘Cars make me happy’!

3 – Andrea from Clos Yr Harbwr tells us that Christmas makes her happy with this gorgeous tree made from paper, leaves and twigs!

4 – Andrew and Mark Thomas from Ty Nydffa use themselves as the artwork and pose with their garden tools. They tell us that spending time out in the garden enjoying the fresh air and keeping active makes them happy. They enjoy sweeping the paths and making sure they are clear.

5 – Barbara at Caradoc Avenue loves flowers, and she made some beautiful flowers using leaves from the garden and others bits from the house.

6 – Barry from Bradwell House makes a pretty 3d heart to send a message of love to his housemates and neighbours

7 – Kelly from Bradwell House makes a fabulous, glittery picture of hearts.

8 – James also from Bradwell House uses different materials to make a pretty daffodil scene, very fitting to spring!

9 – Finally, the last entry from Bradwell House, Dean Charlston shows his love of birds with this lovely collection of cuttings.

10 – Claire from Ty Nydffa also loves rainbows and made this picture to go on the wall and remind her of them!

11 – Eliza from Holmesdale put together a collage of things in her home that make her happy!

12 – EW from Pineleigh tells us that rapping makes him happy – he loves Eminem!

13 – Hersham Gardens also banded together and made a lovely collage of their handprints to spread a message of positivity.

14 – Luke from Holmesdale made a beautiful, colourful picture using paint and pens.

15 – Mount Pleasant also love Rainbows so much they painted one onto their front window!

16 – PL at Shardeloes drew some lovely flowers!

17 – Sarah from the Fengates Home used scrabble tiles and other bits to make a pretty picture about butterflies, joy and love.


18 – SM from Pineleigh joins the Rainbow fan club with a lovely picture and ‘Stay Safe’ message.

19 – Sue from Caradoc uses lots of different materials to make a butterfly!

20 – Lorna from 32 Mays Lane loves a good cuppa! So she made this pretty to represent how tea makes her happy!

21 – Lance from Roseville House created a 3D pond to show what makes him happy.

22 – Rob from Cecil Court made these colourful bunny pictures for his friends who make him happy.

23 – Sal also from Cecil Court made this beautiful Rainbow Card for her mum. She says her mum makes her very happy.

24 – Despite being away with family in Ireland, Lydia from Holmesdale wanted to take part and show us that riding her bike makes her happy! Thankyou Lydia!

25 – Lauren from Meesons Lodge used paint to create a pretty garden scene with flowers.

26 – Anthony also from Meesons Lodge used hand paint to create a beautiful Peacock!

27 – Georgina from Meesons Lodge used lots of different materials to put together a beautiful scene.

28 – Molene from Meesons Lodge also used her hands to paint a pretty apple tree with birds.

29 – Jamie from Meesons Lodge created a beautiful spring scene with a bee, flower and house.

30 – Charlotte from Walderslade House drew a beautiful picture of a princess and she said this makes her happy because she feels like a princess as it’s her birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

31 – Curtis also from Walderslade House has a passion for the Volkswagen beetle and would like to share his picture.

32 – Linda from Cheam Road made a big L for Linda.

33 – Tracy from Cheam Road made a big T for Tina.. or potentially Tea?

34 – Claire from Cheam Road loves getting her face-painted and tells us it makes her happy!

35 – SC from Peach Cottage says going for walks makes him happy.

36 – Rory from Lynray says music makes him happy. He loves listening to his Ipod touch.

37 – Thomas from Vallance Gardens loves action moves and recently saw Iron Man. He made and painted this with his keyworker then added a sensory light in the middle to finish the model.

38 – Gemma from Vallance Gardens most favourite thing in the world is Barney. She made these play dough figurines of Barney and his friends. Each colour is a different smell!

39 – Owen from 67 Rugby Avenue loves cartoons and did a drawing dedicated to his favourite characters!

40 – Ty Coedwig banded together to create dramatic masks with smiley faces to keep their spirit up!

41 – Colin Emery from Overhill Road drew a lovely picture with different colours.

42 – Janet Barker also from Overhill Road did a lovely picture of flowers that make her happy!

43 – Linda from Cloverdale drew a picture of herself as a black cat because cats make her happy!

44 – Isobel from Vallance Gardens used lots of different materials to create a bee to attach to her chair!

45 – Bradley from Vallance Gardens created the Peppa Pig family.

46 – Alex from Vallance Gardens made a free hugs sign to spread positivity.

47 – And finally, Starbook banded together to make a pretty rainbow banner with all their names on it to spread smiles and happiness.