Achieve Together Talent Show

Week 6 of our talent show is a show us your skills competition

Week 5 – Skills

 We know we have lots of talent in the Achieve Together family, and we want you to showcase it to us over the next few weeks. During this social distancing period we’ve all needed to learn new things to keep us occupied. Have you learnt a new skill?

Whether its putting up a shelf, cleaning your room, or even just make a cup of tea, we’d love to see it!! The most important thing is that you have fun! See how to enter below:

How to enter

  1. Please film a video clip showing us a skill that you are proud of. This should be no longer than 3 mins max in length.
  2. Send your video or pictures to
  3. Please ensure it’s clearly labelled, with the name of the individual/team and their home.
  4. Deadline for all submissions is Friday 12th June by 2pm.
  5. We’ll then send out a link with all submissions for everyone to see, and you’ll be able to vote online for your favourite routine.
  6. Deadline for final voting will be Monday 15th June by 10.00am.
  7. Click here to see these instructions as an Easy Read.

The winners will be announced on the Monday and then we will share the category for the following week!

Prizes: Amazon vouchers!

Have fun!