Claire’s success at Ty Nyddfa Lodge

Claire moved into Ty Nyddfa House initially from the home environment in 2011 as she wished to have more independence. Before moving to the lodge, she will tell you that she ‘couldn’t peel a potato or a carrot and look at me now!’ Claire is now living with a shared lives carer, which gives her even more independence and this was a move that she remains really happy about.

During her time at Ty Nyddfa House, Claire attended college to complete ILS skills and has had various voluntary placements in local schools where she has supported the teachers with the children there. Claire had to apply for a DBS check to be able to do this and was very proud when this came back. Claire enjoyed her time at her placements, particularly supporting the older children.

Independence water activity

Claire was then offered a move into Ty Nyddfa House’s neighbouring property – Ty Nyddffa Lodge – in 2019, as it would support Claire to further develop her independent skills. Claire was supported by the team to look at alternative ways to manage anxiety and low moods and encouraged to take charge of this area of her life which she struggled with. Claire was also supported to think about her ‘M n M’s (Money Management, as Claire was not a fan of the word budge)), and how she could keep herself safe. Claire recognised that she needed some more support in this area, so we held an account on her behalf that received her benefits payments, while Claire remained her own appointee. The team works with Claire weekly to discuss how much her budget would be and what she was going to spend it on. This support varied depending on how much support Claire wanted.

It was difficult for Claire at first to work with team members around money but was it worth it? Absolutely.

Claire has money in the bank, her bills were being paid, and best of all – Claire was able to go to Disneyland on holiday – something that she always wanted to do but never thought she would achieve. At low points, this has been a reminder to Claire on just how far she has come.

Well done Claire, you are achieving so much!


Ty Nyddfa, in Caerphilly, Wales, provides supported living accommodation to people aged 18+ with learning disabilities, complex needs, emotional, and mental health needs.