Celebrating Success with Mary

We’re thrilled to announce that Mary has been confirmed as an elected representative of Learning Disability England.

Mary Woodhall, who lives in London, has always been passionate about having a say in the important decisions that can benefit the lives of people with learning disabilities.

For a number of years, Mary has been working hard to get a place on Learning Disability England’s Representative Body. This body is made up of members who are elected to steer Learning Disability England on what they say and the decisions they make. It brings together people from across England as a united voice to make sure that people with learning disabilities are valued as equal citizens.

Mary has stood for Learning Disability England’s Representative Body elections twice since 2017 and unfortunately had not been successful. However, Mary didn’t give up and kept working extremely hard to achieve her goal despite the knockbacks she had faced.

The most recent elections were last year, and we are pleased to announce that Mary has successfully been offered a place on the Learning Disability England Representative Body! This is a wonderful achievement for Mary, who can’t wait to start playing a part in the important decisions that will change lives.

Mary told us: “After trying to apply twice over four years, I feel privileged to be able to do campaigning on LDE Representative Body with a mixture of lovely people”.

View Mary’s submission to join the LDE Representative Body below:

Learn more about the Learning Disability England Representative Body