Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month

Esme tells us about her experiences of being transgender and her hopes for the future

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, Campaign 4 Change representative Esme recorded her thoughts on being transgender.

A transcript of the video is included below.

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Hi, I’m Esme and I’m here for Campaign 4 Change.

What’s good about being trans?

Transgender is a very special thing. It’s common in most places and it’s for people who express what they really are.

Have you ever been to an LGBTQ+ event?

Yes, I have been in a Pride parade and it was really fun. You get to meet up with loads of people. It’s possibly the most popular Pride out there because loads of people gather and it’s one of the best gatherings.

How has Achieve together helped you?

My support team have helped me out with helping me through my experience of being transgender with appointments and transgender gatherings, and what clothes I can wear.

Where do you want to be a year from now in your transgender journey?

A year from now I’d like to be a proper transgender woman. I’m hoping to look at having the gender clinic helping me out and going from there, getting my hormones sorted. So, getting rid of my male hormones and swapping it for female hormones because that’s what I really want. Then, then next step from that is a little bit more complex because this is the surgery side of things. That’s what I’m wanting more than anything in the near future.

Would you like to share any other thoughts about being transgender?

You get to meet other trans people like yourselves and to explain to each other your similarities and what you are going through and that, helping each other out, making your own community. And that’s where it starts to be more connected, that’s where things get good.