Campaign 4 Change: ‘Always In Lockdown’ campaign

Campaign 4 Change’s innovative campaign is shining a light on people who will experience restrictions throughout their lifetime.

As the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have been eased across the country and most people have slowly returned back to normality, Campaign 4 Change are bringing attention to people who have been and will continue experiencing various restrictions during the whole of their lifetime due to barriers in society and lack of appropriate support.

Now that most of the population have had a taste of not being free to do whatever they wished in their life, they hope that people will be more empathetic and pay more attention to the barriers that people with learning disabilities and autistic people face every day.

During the week of 15th–19th November, Campaign 4 Change will be sharing some of the many different restrictions which people with learning disabilities and autistic people face daily. We would like to invite you to share your own examples tagging #AlwaysInLockdown.


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