Callum’s successful transition

Read all about how a strong support team facilitated Callum’s smooth and successful transition

Callum has recently transitioned into a new home in The Wirral, which is his first home without his mum.

His support team have been working very hard to ensure that Callum was settled and content throughout the entire moving process. The team closely worked with Callum and his mum to make a comprehensive transition plan, which put his happiness, comfort and ease first. Staff got to know Callum through a number of online meetings which helped to facilitate the smooth delivery of the plan, as well as to tailor it to his needs.

This involved not only finding out his clinical history, but also getting to know him on a personal level; finding out his likes, dislikes and hobbies, and making sure that they had lots of fun activities planned for his arrival


Callum is absolutely loving it! For the first couple of weeks, Callum, his mum and Support Workers had daily updates, showing mum all the amazing activities Callum got up to, as well as making sure Callum got to still have daily contact with his mum.

His mum stated: “I am amazed how well he has settled in his first week and well done to all the staff, he looks so happy- I’m made up! Wow, our Cal hoovering! Who would have thought!” Indeed, staff have encouraged him to pursue his new passion- housework!