Ben’s Holiday to Butlin’s

Tales of an action-packed holiday to Butlin’s

Ben expressed to his support team that he would like to go on holiday, as he hasn’t been away since 2017. Ben said he wanted to go somewhere with lots of games, activities and music. His team thought that Butlin’s would be a great option for him as there would be plenty of activities for him to participate in.

When Ben was told about the holiday he was very excited and couldn’t wait to get there. On the 23rd September Ben set off with Corinne and Kelsie to Butlin’s in Minehead, where they would be staying for a whole week of activities and adventure.

Ben took part in a variety of activities throughout the week including swimming, shooting, bowling and country walks, all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. He stayed up in the evenings to watch the entertainment shows, which included a range of acts and events such as a disco with lots of music and a magician. He even got involved with some of the magic tricks!


Usually Ben is someone who needs a lot of motivation to get moving, however he enjoyed the week so much it was hard for him to sit still! When asked what his favourite part of the holiday was Ben said that he enjoyed going to the bar, drinking lots of tea and swimming.

Ben’s holiday was a great success and he looks forward to planning his next outing. His support team plan to put on another trip to Butlin’s again next year following the success, but this time with the rest of his house mates for a group holiday.