Ben from Manor Barn hits his target weight!

Ben from Manor Barn hits his goal weight, having lost over 4 stone!

Ben from Manor Barn had some amazing news when he completed his final weigh-in with Slimming World: he had surpassed his goal weight, losing a staggering 4 stone in the process!

Last year, Ben decided he wanted to get healthy and active and lose weight. Staff at Manor Barn helped Ben to devise a plan, which included enrolling in the Slimming World programme, as well as exercising more and eating a healthy, balanced diet. In this time, Ben has worked so incredibly hard to meet his target of 12 stone. He has incorporated daily exercise into his routine, as well as learning to bake some delicious treats which have tasted amazing, much to the delight of everyone at Manor Barn who got to sample them!

Ben cooks up some treats!

At the final weigh-in, Ben came in at 11st 10lbs, under his goal weight of 12 stone! Ben received an official certificate from Slimming World after the final weigh-in, which is sitting pride of place on his window ledge!


Ben’s amazing endeavours have even inspired some of the staff to lose weight themselves. An amazing achievement for Ben and everyone at Manor Barn!