April Manager of the Month

Well done to Tara Bedward, Home Manager at on of our Supported Living homes in Somerset, who has been awarded our Manager of the Month prize for her great work.

Tara Bedward, Home Manager, was nominated by four of her team members. During her career at Achieve together, Tara has progressed from Support Worker to running two homes and supporting others.

Her strong leadership skills have ensured that, in a relatively short time frame, there is now a full and well-structured team in place. They are happy, productive and working together to achieve the goals of people supported. As a result, the people supported at the homes are settled and thriving. Relationships with family members have also been strengthened.

Hearing others

What’s more, Tara is a good listener of both her team members and people she supports. She shows compassion combined with strength. One team member says: “As a team we feel heard and that we can voice opinions and ideas that she will always take into consideration.” Another team member comments: “She takes into consideration everybody’s opinions and suggestions to help our homes become better each day.”

Deputy Manager Kimberley Pearce, said: “Tara is doing really well. I really do feel she deserves recognition for what she has achieved and what we will achieve in the future as a team.”