April Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Floyd Hill for becoming Employee of the Month for April – a great achievement in his first role in health and social care.

Floyd Hill, Support Worker Highdowns, is our Employee of the Month for April. This is Floyd’s first role in care and he has quickly become a highly respected member of the team.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, he has played a large part in supporting a person who shows challenging behaviour gain trust in the people who support him. He has helped this person attend a football match and another with health problems to achieve their goals and dreams.

Bringing happiness

Lloyd’s three nominations speak of his good nature, sense of humour and ability to bring happiness to those he works with. Team member Henry Wild says: “This nomination is difficult to pin on one month alone because Floyd has helped many people, as well as his fellow colleagues, throughout the pandemic in particular – a real tough time for all, as we know.

“He reminded us all that throughout adversity we must all carry on as a team for the same cause. He inspired not only myself but many others in the process.”

Congratulations also, to the Employee of the Month runners up, Andrew Makinson, Bank Support Worker at Albion Road, and Laura Salway, Practice Lead at Cottrell Road.