April Employee of the Month – Abi Jacobs

A massive congratulations to Abi Jacobs who is our deserving winner for April.

Abi is extremely resilient and has persevered through some challenging times. She is always looking for new, innovative ways to engage those she supports and encourages with their passions and interests. Even in her free time, Abi will spend hours researching new opportunities and ideas.

Abi is her home’s sustainability champion, and she inspires those she supports to do their bit for the environment and the local community. She has planned a litter pick on Brighton beach and sourced all the necessary equipment. Abi also heavily encourages recycling in the home, with those supported now fully committed, so much so they now remind everyone to do so too!

Abi produced a series of easy read guides for those she supports and has worked hard to break down communication barriers by simplifying information, using pictorial aids, videos, and social stories. She has even developed a colour coded bag system to help those she supports know what needs to go where for ease.

Abi is an extremely caring member of the team who constantly delivers. She is hugely respected and those supported appreciate her calm, consistent and friendly approach. Abi’s enthusiasm and kind nature make her a natural in this role and she is regarded highly by all who work with her.  She gives her all to everything she does and goes above and beyond for those she supports ensuring that activities and resources are accessible to all.