Andrew’s trip to Longleat

Andrew recently took a trip to Longleat with the support of team members, having previously been anxious about long trips and unfamiliar places

Andrew, who lives in one of our residential homes in Surrey took a trip to Longleat, which was a really big step for him. Although the day itself required a lot of planning, he has been preparing for the event. For a long time, Andrew didn’t have the confidence to be in strange and unfamiliar places, or make long journeys. With the help of support team members, he gradually worked up to his journey to Longleat, starting off making short journeys to the local shops, then extending the journeys gradually. Andrew really wanted to go to Longleat as he loves animals so much.

Support Workers drove Andrew to Longleat, which in total was about a 2 hour drive. They stopped half way through to use the toilet facilities. This was another big step for Andrew, who really had to work on getting out of the car at unfamiliar places. But Andrew was happy, his team helped him to choose a snack and then they went back on the road.

Andrew absolutely loved the safari park and had a great time driving around amongst the animals. They got to see a wide variety of wildlife, including monkeys, camels, wolves, ostriches and of course the famous Longleat lions!

Andrew also really loved the Festival of Light show after dark, complete with a giant light up Poseidon!

Well done to both Andrew for conquering his fears, and support team memvers for supporting him every step of the way!