AMC wins Wheel of Engagement Award

A person we support has recently won the Wheel of Engagement Trailblazer Award!

Today we bring you the inspiring story of AMC, who lives in supported living in outer London. She recently won an award for being the Wheel of Engagement Trailblazer, in recognition of her dedication, passion and hard work.

We wanted to highlight some of the amazing work she has done recently and showcase how she has really thrown herself into fulfilling lots of the criteria of the Wheel of Engagement. She was chosen to be one of the spokespeople for Campaign 4 Change, and ever since then her social calendar has been full to the brim!

Here are just some of the ways she has been fulfilling the criteria of the Wheel of Engagement:


Since starting work at Campaign for Change, AMC met her current boyfriend and subsequently got into a relationship. AMC and her boyfriend regularly meet and go on dates within the local community.


AMC goes fortnightly to the PALS club social evenings and has also been accepting invitations to other events through a social network.

She recently went to Berkshire on holiday with her friends for a long weekend and had an amazing time!


Paid employment :

AMC  joined Campaign 4 Change, in a paid employment role as a presenter and contributor to the current initiatives. Since joining Campaign 4 Change, AMC has attended an epilepsy open day, all of the Driving Up Quality roadshows and the Athletics Tournament, where she made lots of new friends and learnt about all of the services.

Voluntary Work: 

AMC regularly attends and helps out in the local church which she enjoys and she has met so many new people through her voluntary work.


AMC attends weekly self help support meetings as well as drama club every week, complete with an end of term performance to showcase her talents!

She has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement and received gifts of flowers and chocolate for her commitment to working in partnership to improve her quality of life, choices and opportunities.

A massive congratulations to AMC for being a superstar and making positive changes not only in her life, but in the lives of others as well!