Adam and Bradley clean windows

Adam and Bradley find work experience as window cleaners!

Adam and Bradley have been working hard to make their Cambridgeshire home look great. They have both expressed an interest in cleaning windows recently, so when the window cleaners came to the homethey were very keen to join in. They spent the afternoon cleaning the lower windows with very little help, and had a great time as you can see from their smiles!

Adam is already looking forward to the next time he can clean the windows, and has asked if he can help every time as a bit of voluntary work experience. Both Adam and Bradley were able to exercise their independence and help out the very busy window cleaner.



After a team effort the windows were sparkling clean thanks to Adam and Bradley, they definitely gave the window cleaner a run for his money! This has given both of them an idea for what they might like to do in the future, and one day they could even get their own paid jobs as window cleaners.