Acorn House Testimonial

Check out this glowing review that our team at Acorn House received!

Acorn House were delighted to receive recent feedback which thanked the entire team for their understanding and patience. The team have welcomed an additional person to Acorn House recently, who moved in during a difficult time for them personally, for the nation, and the care sector.

The team were praised for how they had dedicated time to get to know the person supported, ensuring that they are understood by everyone. It highlighted that it has been evident when issues do arise, the team are not deterred, as they understand in detail the supported person’s specific needs. They can see the positives, their full potential, and the contribution they have to offer others in the house and to society.

Angela, Service Manager of Acorn House, was pleased that the feedback also commented that the house is well maintained, with sufficient resources and a pleasant décor, describing the garden as a large space with great potential (especially for a smaller football pitch!). During this last year when people have found themselves being required to isolate for a number of months, it was pleasing to also read that the summer house has proved invaluable for Covid-19 safe visits, enabling families to keep in touch.

Communications from Angela through to senior and support team members was also praised as always being good, sharing that the benefit is that any issues are then able to be addressed quickly, before anything can escalate.

The journey for all may still be long but the team continuously strive to achieve success for the people supported, including their most recent housemate we hope can now look forward to a lifetime of achievements.