Achieve together’s February Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Phil Smith, our February Employee of the Month! Read below to find out more about Phil’s incredible achievements….

May we introduce you to Phil Smith, the recipient of Achieve together’s Employee of the Month award for February. Phil has worked at the same home in North West England since it opened seven years ago. When he started, his job title was support worker, but as many of you in similar roles will know, the job is so much more than being a worker. Phil is a supporter, a backer, an advisor, a maintainer, a provider, an anchor, a friend, and a brother.

Phil is solutions driven, outcome-focused, going above and beyond to support individuals to lead meaningful lives. Diet and nutrition are his most recent focus as he developed an information pack including ingredients and recipes, for a person with diabetes, which enables the supported individual, himself, and fellow team members to create snacks and meal plans which reflect any fluctuation in blood sugar levels. The next step is developing a pantry, to be named after one of the people supported, whereby the fruit, vegetables, and dry goods sit in baskets alongside a chalkboard to make it easier to group foods and create balanced meals.

When asked what advice Phil would give to people starting their careers at Achieve together, he says: “You need to invest. Invest in the people you’re supporting, connect with them, and invest your time in improving the environment, as we all live and work here together”.

Since those early days, Phil’s decorative skills have come on a lot too, helping people decorate their bedrooms is one thing, but wallpapering a ceiling with space-themed wallpaper, adding led lights, and hanging sci-fi models was taking it to another level. That’s just one room of several whereby Phil has worked with individuals to really personalise their space.

It’s not just the innovative planning property improvements that are making a difference, at this home there is a real warmth and homely atmosphere, Phil adds: “It’s a team effort, we’re an extended family here, we look out for one another”.

Congratulations to Phil who graciously accepted the award and to all those who were entered into February’s judging process by the individuals they support, their peers, and their managers. It was incredibly humbling to read nearly 250 submissions which demonstrated what an inspiration so many of you are to the people around you.

We applaud you all.


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