A new approach creates positive change

Read about how GT’s progression, how a person-centred approach has helped, and how he is now happier than ever…

GT, a person supported was welcomed to one of our homes near Newport, Wales in August 2020. GT had previously been living in a nursing home setting, and the team was advised that GT needed to be transferred to a more appropriate home due to displays of aggressive behaviour towards others.  There were also concerns about GT’s lack of interest in food and reduced appetite.

When GT first came to Achieve together, he was quiet and wary of his new environment. The Home Manager decided to allocate a core team of six people to support GT, to ensure he was able to settle into his new home. By allocating this core team to GT, he was able to build a rapport and relationships with his team which helped him feel more secure and at ease. After months of dedication and compassion from the team, GT’s previously aggressive behaviours decreased significantly. The team worked hard to understand what GT’s triggers were and supported him to identify these and how to better cope with them.

At first,  GT’s diet was of concern. The team was keen to get him more interested in food and to enjoy the experience of eating well-prepared and healthy food. By adopting a person-centric approach team members were successful in engaging GT, who now really enjoys getting involved in meal planning, cooking, and most importantly eating!

GT is very happy at his new home and the team has all said how wonderful it is to see his fantastic personality shine through. The progress he has made is a testament to their hard work. They are looking forward to enabling him to progress even further and have increased independence.

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