Wheel of Engagement examples from 283 Dyke Road

Read about the amazing achievements of people at 283 Dyke Road and how they have utilised the Wheel of Engagement in multiple areas of their lives.

This week I’d like to share some of the wonderful Wheel of Engagement examples from 283 Dyke Road, in Brighton and Hove, which is a busy service for eight young adults with mild-severe learning disabilities. They have a wonderful range of examples which reflect what the Wheel of Engagement is all about. Here are a few below:

Active Community Involvement

All of the people living at 283 Dyke Road had a great time taking part in the Brighton Pride parade, which involved a 2.3 mile walk across Brighton, holding banners saying ‘This is me and I am Proud!’ and ‘283 Crew, Love Wins!’   The day was a great success and was attended by other people living across local Achieve together services, including people with PMLD. Everyone interacted with spectators and received a great response from the public.










The people at 283 Dyke Road were recently involved in making a short film which they wrote and starred in. The film is available on Youtube and even featured in a Spanish film festival! To showcase their film, 283 Dyke Road organised and presented a ‘premier night’ at a Casino in Brighton and invited friends and family. To see the hard work everyone put in to the film follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/Donmarketes/videos?disable_polymer=1

Leisure and Exercise

Everyone who lives at 283 Dyke Road are involved in leisure and exercise programmes and have very active, busy timetables. Three people attend weekly boxing sessions and have demonstrated their bravery by performing at charity events at the Metropole hotel in Brighton, in front of hundreds of people. This was a great achievement and we look forward to seeing more boxing from them.

Another person we support has a passion for music and is an established DJ. He has won a mainstream competition and performs regularly at the Blue Camel Club – he is sometimes paid by them too! Other individuals attend a weekly Drama group which is made up of people we support from different Achieve together services. They have enjoyed performing at many Achieve together events and showcasing their acting talents.

Total Communication

283 Dyke Road staff have identified the communication needs of all the people they support and each of their preferences have been documented in their support plans and communication passports. Many of the people they support like to use social stories to help aid their understanding. Staff have put together social stories according to people’s views and wishes and support them to read them on a regular basis.

Staff have also been attending Makaton training and many people at the service use this on a day-to-day basis.

Voluntary Employment

Five people at 283 Dyke Road are currently in voluntary employment:

  • One person has two volunteering placements helping in the community which they enjoy a lot. For two days a week they volunteer at Fareshare, which helps prevent food waste and donates food to people in need.  For one day a week they volunteer at The Green Centre which promotes recycling in the community.
  • One person volunteers at Stanmer Park Community Farm.
  • One person volunteers at the Martlets charity shop.
  • Two people occasionally volunteer at the local RSPCA, where they enjoy walking the dogs there.

Paid Employment

  • One person is paid for monthly gigs at various locations with his heavy metal band called Zombie Crash.
  • One person is paid for DJing at the Blue Camel Club and at other local events.

I’m so impressed by everything that’s taking place at 283 Dyke Road. The range of activities that people are involved in and the level of achievement is outstanding! This is a great example of what the Wheel of Engagement is all about. Well done 283 Dyke Road!