Wheel of Engagement Newsletter

Read our latest Wheel of Engagement newsletter, putting a spotlight on the services that achieved a Gold rating.

This month, we are presenting the services that received a Gold rating for their participation in the Wheel of Engagement. At Achieve together, our aim is to deliver services that are rated at least good or compliant by our regulators. As an organisation, we want to ensure that the people we support have the best possible quality of life.

We have adapted the Wheel of Engagement to encourage continuous improvement and a focus on the quality of life of the people we support. We have implemented a rating process for each service using the Wheel of Engagement as a way of expressing what good quality support should look like.

We’re delighted that the 8 services that received a Gold rating reflect the broad range of support we offer covering learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and associated complex needs.

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Wheel of Engagement Newsletter