March – What other homes have been up to?

Our homes have been keeping busy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is a taster of what they’ve been getting up to!

Click here to leave some of your ideas in the comment section!

Click here to leave some of your ideas in the comment section!

Samantha from Kenworthy House puts a smile on our faces with her dance!

Graham at Sandylee house shares with us his gardening activities!

Displays our key values, We keep our key values in mind in everything we do

St Helen’s Home got busy cleaning up and sowing seeds in the garden.


Emma from 37 Lewes Road, uses lots of materials to make a pretty Daffodil – the herald of spring!

At Livingstone Road, PM made a lovely picture of a Lion Door Knocker. He says this is something different and unique and he is quite proud of the drawing as he did this in short space of time. We’ve been loving the amazing artwork that’s been coming in from the people we support!









As Restormel House couldn’t do their usual lunch out, they decided to host a mini-festival at home, complete with a lovely BBQ in the sun and a glitter party!

Holmesdale put together a list of their goals for 2020 according to Achieve Together’s Values.

Holmesdale keep focussed on their goals according to our values

Staff at Grange Court were delighted to receive a bunch of flowers, given to them by staff at Tesco

Douglas House got creative with their hands and made a beautiful window display.

Chetwynd Road celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by wearing their odd socks

Sandylee House started their own choir to keep their spirits up.

Durlston House has been sharing a simple message with everyone, Stay Safe! They got creative with rainbows and put them in the window as an encouragement to their neighbours and passersby.

Rainbows at Dalston House Chase the Rainbows Chase the Rainbows

Stay Safe and Chase Rainbows Rainbow Window Display Dalston House says Stay Safe

The Droveway are also making their neighbours happy with their large Rainbow Banner!

Tom from Restormel Terrace made a picture of a Rainbow in support of the NHS.

Durlston House made their own tuck shop (The DUH Tuck Shop) so that the residents could feel they are still going out to the shops to buy their treats!

Sandylee House gathered for a very British Easter High Tea. The cakes looked delicious! Hersham Gardens also had afternoon tea together. Click here to see it!