What have our homes in Cheshire been up to?

Our services in Cheshire have had a jam-packed couple of months!

Our homes in Cheshire, Rivendell, Holland House and Arrowe Hall have all been getting up to a lot of activities recently. We absolutely love how creative they have been!

Rivendell Home:

Rivendell have been getting crafty! 🎨 We absolutely love this amazing rainbow banner they’ve made. This banner not only features a beautiful hand-drawn rainbow for keyworkers, but they’ve also managed to show off the Achieve together values too!

They have also been planting and growing sunflowers! They are so excited to see the flowers bloom, and have even had a competition to see whose flowers will grow the tallest!

Arrowe Hall

Arrowe Hall have been all about the exercise recently! They have loved their weekly boxing lessons in the lovely grounds of their home, especially with all that sunshine!

They also had a ‘socially-distanced disco’, complete with an amazing sound system and world-class DJ sets from staff and people living at Arrowe Hall!

One of the firm favourite activities at Arrowe Hall has been their primary school themed Sports Day! Complete with an egg and spoon race, a sack race, relays and plenty of prizes, everyone had a really amazing time!

Holland House

Patrick from Holland House has been loving baking, much to the delight of staff and his housemates, who get to sample his amazing treats! His favourite? This amazing chocolate sponge cake- we hear it was delicious!

Paul and Michael from Holland House have become keen gardeners! From mowing the lawn to growing some amazing vegetables and flowers, they have completely transformed the garden at Holland House. Keet it up boys!


All three of these homes have vacancies available, you can see which services are available in your area here.