The People’s Festival

A few weeks ago we held our annual People’s Festival, which seems to always fall on the hottest day of the year! It is a firm favourite for most people and there is no wonder why, with juggling circus acts, people singing on stilts and an animal petting corner.

This day brings people we support, staff and families together to have a fantastic day filled with fun, laughter, happiness and of course lots of dancing! The most popular event by far is the talent show, I’m amazed how many talented singers and performers we have within ‘Achieve together’.

This year we saw an Elvis impressionist (in full costume), a flag twirling display, numerous talented singers and a dynamic duo singing Spice Girls. My personal favourite was Carl from the Ridgeway cheering to ‘We will rock you’ by Queen. The judges Sam Collier (COO), Coleman from Hedera House and Louise from Mill House certainly had their work cut out. After a very complicated mathematical scoring system set out by Coleman the winners were chosen. 1st place went to Ricky for singing ‘Skyfall’ by Adele, 2nd place to Zoe for her flag twirling display and 3rd place to Jonathan for his rendition of ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé.


This year’s animal corner had grown considerably into a rather large petting zoo! There were sheep, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, tortoise, a goat and lots of different reptiles. I even saw a giant land snail. People could hold, pet and feed the animals which was a memorable experience all round.

The ‘Top Bananas Band’ were a huge hit as always, playing songs on request with their own special twist. I wonder when they thought to themselves “when we play music we need to be on stilts”, they’ve got my vote anyway, somehow it works! People also had the opportunity to practice their circus skills. Cos from Brighton was particularly good at plate spinning, I think the jugglers were keen to sign her as a new recruit.

The face-painting area was particularly popular, with people asking to be painted as a range of things including animals, insects and even Michael Jackson. We also had a cake and art competition, somehow I missed out on being a judge for this. The cakes looked amazing! There was a mango cake, a chocolate triple layered cake and many other delicious looking ones.

I think people were overjoyed when they saw the ice cream van arrive, thankfully the driver brought extra supplies!

The day was wrapped up with an ‘Open Mic Session’ where people had a free rein to express whatever they wished on the microphone. Followed on by Jamie Cotton’s famous Disco, I don’t know how everyone still had the energy to dance, but they sure did.

The day was an amazing opportunity for everyone to connect, get to know each other, and to make new friendships. People ended the day feeling uplifted, inspired, and already looking forward to next year’s event! Check out the event gallery here!

We even appeared in the local paper ‘The Romford Recorder’ click here to see the article and photos.