Supportive Therapies Festival

Every year, Achieve together creates a library of activities specifically for people we support with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). These include sensory stories and other activities. Check out how the people we support enjoyed them below.

The Supportive Therapies Festival started on the 27th of July, and ahead of time, the wonderful staff in our homes created different activities for the people we support with PMLD. From exciting art projects to immersive sensory stories, the Supportive Therapies Festival featured some excellent therapy resources. You can check them all out below:

  1. Bath Bomb making here.
  2. Day at the Beach Sensory Story here.
  3. Corn Flour Slime making here.
  4. Growing your own Herb Garden here.
  5. Ice Balloons making and playing here.
  6. Inclusive Art here.
  7. Sensory Den creating here.
  8. Forest Exploration Sensory Story here.
  9. Memory Box making here.
  10. Messy Creations Art here.

Supportive Therapies in Action

See all the different supportive therapies in action across our services in this video:

The Day at the Beach sensory story created by Vallance Gardens transported people we support to the beach!

Meesons Lodge and Droveway had lots of fun at the beach, while staying at home! The beach story featured buckets of sand, mirrors and water.

Day at the beach sensory story Using sand in the sensory story Day at the beach supportive therapy Meesons Lodge Social Care Service Droveway social care service

Meesons Lodge also had lots of fun creating their inclusive art pieces. The people we support were able to create these art pieces thanks to the resourcefulness of their carers.

Meesons Lodge Inclusive Art Meesons Lodge social care service sensory art Service users creating art Meesons lodge social care service art

Bobbi and Samir from 287 Dyke Road took part in the Ice Balloon experiment as part of the Supportive Therapies Festival. Evidently Bobbi wasn’t sure at first but started to love it!

Supportive Therapies at Social Care Services 287 Dyke Road Social Care Service Supportive Therapy  Ice Balloons Sensory Activities at Social Care Service  Social Care Service Supportive Therapy Day Ice Balloons Supportive Sensory Activity Sensory Activity ice balloons at 287 Dyke Road