Owen’s amazing weight loss journey

Owen from Rugby Avenue won ‘Best Achievement in Sports and Leisure’ at the People’s Awards, having previously struggled with his weight

Owen, from Rugby Avenue won the first prize award at the People’s Awards this summer for ‘Best Achievement in Sports and Leisure’ and today, we’re going to tell you his story. Owen used to struggle with his weight, weighing around 140kg. He also didn’t like going out or socialising that much. One day, he decided he wanted to be fitter, stronger and faster, just like one of his favourite superheroes, Superman. With the help of staff at Ruby Avenue, and his mum, Owen’s life completely transformed!

Staff supported Owen to completely change his diet, going for healthier snacks rather than unhealthy ones, and choosing to eat fruit and vegetables every mealtime. He also started to exercise regularly, which has not only been a physical change, but a mental one as well. Owen now goes to the gym twice a week, swims and he goes on a walk practically every day. It has allowed him to feel healthier, stronger and also has helped to come out of his shell and socialise more, both with other people we support at Rugby Avenue, and within the wider community. In the last few months, Owen has lost over 21kg, which is an incredible achievement! Owen says: “Sport helps me to vent my frustration of having to cope with situations I’m not comfortable in. I save up all the stress and release it through sport.” Owen is not only healthier but also happier.

A huge congratulations to Owen and everyone who has supported him through this journey, what an amazing accomplishment!


Owen showing off his new figure which he achieved with help from his carers Owen has more confidence We care about the people we support mentally and physically