Our New Intranet Launch Countdown Is On

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Achieve together is pleased to launch our new intranet which is an interactive communications site. It will share company updates with all its users as well as allowing them quick and easy access to what they are used to in the legacy CMG & Regard intranets such us:
– Department details
– Social media details
– Upcoming events
– Staff notice board.


The new intranet will have key documents that each department have selected to be on the site. However, for any sensitive documents and any records that need to be kept protected, these will be put on SharePoint, which will be easily accessible from the intranet (see below). Admins for each department will be able to manage and update their department page to ensure documents are kept up to date.

Access to other applications:

We have built a library with easy access to other sites that Achieve together use frequently for people to visit. These include:
– eLFY
– My Achieve together Gateway
– SharePoint
– Any many more!


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  1. I love it, I remember this day, it was lovely to see everyone having so much fun, I believe that this imagine captures this 🙂

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