Meet the Manager of Woburn Hill

Meet Craig Sullivan, the Home Manager of Woburn Hill in Anglesey, Wales.

We met with Craig Sullivan, the Home Manager of Woburn Hill to find out a little more about his journey into care and Woburn Hill as it opens its doors to welcome people needing support and new skilled team members.

Firstly, we asked Craig why he originally chose to work within the care sector. He told us, “Making a person’s life happier by enabling them to continue living their lives more safely, and happily, was something that always appealed to me. It was something that I felt I could do with ease.

“I began by working in the care industry, in particular nursing homes, gaining experience, whilst creating a very positive experience for those needing my support at the same time. I realised just how much of a rewarding profession this was to be in. I guess I was giving back – this is what gave me that rewarding feeling.”

What excites Craig most about his chosen career path?

“Being a naturally caring type of person who felt good by helping others, I had a good idea that this career was going to work for me. It’s something we feel inside, it’s not a job – you can’t look at helping people and giving care and support as a job – it’s never been like that for me. It’s a human skill and it felt natural to me.”

People at Woburn Hill are supported to participate in activities that promote increased independence. These include budgeting, cooking, gardening, educational skills, and sensory engagement.

So, what does Craig love most about working in care and his role?

“Having the power to make something possible for someone. If we weren’t here in the role, we couldn’t help someone, we couldn’t help achievements to become real, and we couldn’t see their faces when they fulfil their goals in life. We are just as lucky as the people we support – I truly believe that. It’s an honour to be a part of something for which somebody will remember for the rest of their lives. How amazing is that!”

And what is Craig most proud of?

“Sharing knowledge, either with the teams we work with or the people we support, but either way we pass on what we know and that’s so important.”

Craig also described how Woburn Hill reflects some of Achieve together’s values, telling us: “We are brave enough to give anything a go at Woburn Hill! If someone wants to take a ride in a hot air balloon over Snowdonia, then we will do all we can, whilst having as much fun as possible to make this happen! For me, it does not matter who you are and what label or statement someone has given you. It’s still possible to give it a go whether you succeed or not or whether you need a little bit of help or not. You can then say you’ve tried and if necessary, you’ve tried again and again!

“My mission for the future is to start by instilling positivity into everyone that works and lives at Woburn Hill. If we are positive then we believe, and if we believe, then we have a chance of making it work. It’s going to be my mantra: ‘Remain positive! We can do!’ I’d love to see the people we’ll be supporting continue with their paths, regardless of the fact they are in a supported setting. Nothing is going to stop those we support, and I intend to make available as much skill and experience for this to be felt in the home, and for this to be achieved.”

Outside of work, Craig enjoys exploring the countryside and being at the seaside watching the peaceful ocean. You might catch him taking a stroll on the beautiful Cemaes Bay beach just five minutes from Woburn Hill.

Finally, Craig shared what he is looking forward to: “To be part of this truly exciting adventure. It’s new for me, my family, the people we support and those about to make a difference to people’s lives – we’re all in it together. We’ll all lead and support each other together, we’ll have fun, we’ll laugh and cry and we’ll learn skills from each other. I hope we see ourselves over time as one great big happy family – all there for one another.

“I would love nothing more than to see the people whom step over our doorstep to move on, if they wish, and to be as independent as they choose. But I’d love for those people to look back at this part of their journey with mostly happy memories and having learned, even if it’s just a little.”

Woburn Hill is a newly refurbished six bedded residential service, providing 24/7 support for adults aged 18+ with mental health needs, autism, and additional complex needs.

The team at Woburn Hill are passionate about providing an active support model and outcome-based activities.