Meet the Manager of Earlmont House

Meet Rainbow Wells, our Home Manager of Earlmont House in Oxfordshire.

We met with Rainbow Wells, Senior Manager at Earlmont House since November 2020, who has been with Achieve together since April 2018.

Rainbow shared that the best thing about her job is being able to actively make positive changes, and to shape lives and futures. An example of this is that someone we support has been able to save and budget, and develop and learn skills to enable them to live independently within the community. Rainbow commented, “Supporting someone to achieve this outcome provides a great sense of achievement and fulfilment within my role.”

She also told us what inspires her to keep going: “My inspiration to keep going is being able to have the ability to make things happen. It’s about empowering people to become their best each day and be proud of who they are! I also find inspiration in promoting value and equality.”

Earlmont House supports people with daily life activities to boost their self esteem and confidence with their independence. Individuals are encouraged to develop personal organisation skills such as safety in using kitchen implements, and personal and medical care. The home aims to provide an atmosphere for people where ultimately they can feel safe and secure.

Rainbow described how Earlmont House reflects the values at Achieve together: “People we support are achieving their outcomes and moulding their futures into safer ones. One person at Earlmont has a full time paid role at a well known car manufacturer, another has booked his driving test, another has a voluntary placement. Everyone is able to evidence their success and steps to achieving. Three people at Earlmont are also ready to progress to more independent living and are currently on the housing list.”

An example of someone we support living our values of ‘being brave’ is an individual who re-sat their driving test after a failed attempt, where they developed their confidence and skillset to achieve their goal. At Earlmont House, someone we support has demonstrated ‘making things happen’ by being successful in their application for a full time position at a car manufacturers. At the home, people we support demonstrate ‘valuing everyone’ by having respect for each other – people respect each other’s different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, values, and beliefs.

We asked Rainbow to describe her career path and why she originally chose to go into the care sector. She said, “I began my career in elderly domiciliary care when I was 18 as it was a great fit around my studies. This progressed to being a night Support Worker at the time I went to university to study art (my initial career path was to be an art teacher). I began to really enjoy support work and took a break from university to work full time. During this time, I was promoted to Senior Support Worker when I was 19, and was then offered a role to be a Dementia Trainer in our development team, alongside my senior role.

“I then chose to focus on my new-found career rather than return to university. I was soon promoted again to Care Coordinator. Further into my career, I found a passion for supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health. My experience grew and skills developed, and I joined Achieve together as Team Leader in 2018. I was promoted to Service Manager in May 2019 and then Senior Service Manager in November 2020!”

We asked Rainbow what she feels most proud of. She told us, “I’m most proud of my career progress so far and of recently completing my Level 5 Diploma in Leadership, alongside supporting my teams and people we support during a pandemic.”

Outside of work, Rainbow enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets. She also loves swimming and walking new trails in the New Forest.

Rainbow told us about her mission and aspirations for the future: “Earlmont’s mission for the future is to continue the pace of achievement we have achieved so far, and to empower, up-skill and allow people who live at Earlmont to feel valued for who they are.”

Earlmont House is a supported living service located in Oxfordshire, which supports adults aged 18-60 with mental health/forensic needs. 

The team at Earlmont House are passionate about providing individualised rehabilitative care programmes and assistance with daily living, and meaningful activities with the outcome of increasing independence.