Meesons Lodge celebrate Black History Month

Staff and the people we support at Meesons Lodge recently held a party to celebrate Black History Month!

dancing with people we support at meesons lodge

All the homes at Achieve together spent October celebrating Black History Month, and today we bring you Meesons Lodge’s celebration!

After a month of celebrations, the finished off with an African-themed party. The people we support enjoyed making African inspired art that incorporated patters and materials from different African countries. They also got dressed up in traditional African clothing.



Staff also cooked a delicious curried goat, complete with potatoes and fried plantain! At the party, there was African music and dancing and also sensory play made up of different textures of African materials, which were supplied by staff. Everyone really enjoyed celebrating African culture!

Food from traditional black cultureresidents at meesons lodge celebrate black history month with sensory exercisesSensory activities at Meesons lodgeMeesons lodge black history artwork