June – What have our homes been doing?

With summer upon us lets check in what our homes have been doing to make the most of the better weather!


Every month our blog features our coming up with new, fun activities during lockdown. Our June blog features National Smile Power Day. During these uncertain times, when mental health is a big issue, Achieve together encouraged everyone to smile to raise awareness of what a smile can do to help lighten the mood. Read more about National Smile Power day here.

National Smile Power Day

Aaron from Church view got dressed up to show off his big smile!

Also, Lauren from Gordon Avenue celebrated National Smile Day with blue hair and a wide grin.

Lauren dyes her hair blue as an activity during lockdown

The rest of Gordon Avenue got together for a big smiley selfie as they travelled to McDonald’s which finally reopened. Even the staff are smiling under their PPE masks.

Gordon Avenue smile as they drive for a takeaway

PPE Activities

The people we support at Uplands House have been transforming their masks into superheroes. A fantastic activity for lockdown!

PPE in Social Care Service JuneActivities during lockdown - people we support with their PPE

Uplands House also got creative with their PPE to put the people they support at ease.

Uplands House get together to smile even with their PPE

Lockdown Learning Disability Week

Learning Disability Week during June focussed on friendships during lockdown. So the people at Meesons Lodge and Honeywood sent postcards to their friends.

People we support sending postcards to friends for Learning Disability week 2020 People we support sending messages to their friends for learning disability week

Lockdown Carers Week

Cleveland House wanted to say thank you to their carers for Carers Week 2020. As one of their activities during lockdown, they spraypainted their message onto the fence accompanied by a colourful rainbow.

The people we support thank their carers with a rainbow spraypainting activity during lockdown

Alex from Ty Coedwig celebrates his birthday with lots of gifts and football cake. He can’t wait to watch it again this summer!

Alex at his social care service with all his birthday presents Alex loves football

The people we support in The Ridge miss doing their personal shopping. So our wonderful staff reached out to the local Aldi, and the manager kindly re-opened the shop after normal opening hours so that the people we support could have the store to themselves and do their shopping.

People we support safely shopping at Aldi during lockdown Aldi opened late for people we support People we support at Aldi

CS from Hersham Gardens‘ favourite activity during lockdown has been learning the words to the Rainbow song.


Haircuts have been a hot topic recently! The people at The Ridge have been giving each other haircuts.

Lockdown haircuts Haircut during lockdown