Home Highlight: Ivers House

Today we bring you a home spotlight on Ivers House and what the people we support have been getting up to recently…


Today we bring you a home highlight on Ivers House, our specialist residential service in Marnhull, Dorset. The service is made up of a purpose-built main house, with 9 bedrooms and then 4 smaller, purpose-built bungalows around it. It is home to people with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions. The people we support there get up to a lot, and so today we’re bringing you a highlight reel of some of the many things they do!


Kenley is one of the tailor-made bungalows at Ivers House.

One person in Kenley helps at a local mums and toddlers group, and 3 of the 4 people go swimming on a weekly basis. One of the ladies volunteers in a local charity shop every week and they are all involved in person-centred active support through their daily support.


Trafalgar is another of our tailor-made bungalows, but this is an all-female service. 3 of the ladies we support at Trafalgar are non-verbal.

In Trafalgar, the people we support are involved in a variety of leisure activities, including drumming sessions, drama group and yoga. Two of the ladies also use a hydrotherapy pool on a weekly basis, and one attends a sensory room.

Pool table at the Ivers house care home



Hains is the main house at Ivers and is home to 9 individuals who have various levels of learning disabilities.

One person we support is actively involved in working in the gardens, including helping with maintaining the grounds, and this year growing vegetables which were used in cooking across the service. He also attends a weekly healthy eating group, together with another individual at Ivers, and they have used some of the homegrown produce in this group.

Another person currently volunteers in a local charity shop and is exploring a new opportunity helping with activities in an elderly care home. He has also completed a Dementia training course with staff, to support his application in a care home. He has a friend with physical disabilities who lives in the community and he goes to help her, with trips to the pub and helping with cleaning and laundry. He also enjoys walks and yoga sessions. Moreover, four of the nine people in the service enjoy regular swimming sessions at the local pool, and two also go horse riding.Visiting the local farm with Iver house care service

Crantock and Tyneham.

Tyneham is a male-only bungalow and Crantock is a mixed bungalow. Both support people with varying needs.

Four people from Tyneham and Crantock go swimming to a public swimming pool on a regular basis, and horse-riding is also done by three people from Crantock.

The team have put a lot of work into developing and supporting JH with social stories and using various sensory methods to support this gentleman in the areas of personal care and medication. The work is ongoing to support behavioural issues and encourage an increase in activities. One of the particular areas they worked on was encouraging him to practise good hand hygiene, which was often an issue, the team have worked with him using various methods, including using a foot spa and bubbles as a hand wash. Communication has also been a focus with the introduction of a talking mat, and pictorial day planners.


Well done to all the staff and the people we support at Ivers House!


Allotments at Ivers house care homeGardens for residents at Ivers house care homeCommon room in Ivers House care home