Good practice at 22 Kings Ripton

Just before Christmas, I visited 22 Kings Ripton and was really impressed with the practice there

People we support having fun out at the acquarium

Just before Christmas, I visited 22 and 24d Kings Ripton and was really impressed with the practice there. To me, their approach felt very tailor-made to each person living at the home. Although the people we support there are high in need, they don’t let this stop the amount of activities they do.

We support our clients to try new thingsKings ripton embark on a sea plane adventureThe people we support on a sea plane experience

Two of the people we support loving their go in a sea plane!

The staff really help the people we support at Kings Ripton to grow their skill level. I was impressed to be offered a cup of tea by one individual and others were preparing meals, switching the lights on and off and using kitchen appliances with the help of staff. People at Kings Ripton show real independence.

On holiday with the residents on kings ripton care serviceCruising holiday with the people we supportWith the help of our staff the people we support take a cruise holiday

Loving their cruise, which they took with the help of staff

I met one gentleman who has been living at Kings Ripton for 9 years. This year, thanks to the constant encouragement of staff, he is doing household chores for the first time. Originally, he was nervous about being in communal areas and interacting with other people in Kings Ripton. It was lovely to see him so happy and comfortable around staff and the people we support, and I could really see how much he enjoyed completing activities.

Achieve together love taking the people we support on holidaysWe encourage the people we support to take holidaysA resident of kings ripton home on a cruise holiday

Everyone at Kings Ripton loves holidays and I was so impressed to see how staff custom build individual holidays for the people at the home. One person at the home loved hot tubs, so staff manages to make a complete holiday out of his love for hot tubs! Other people at the home love Disney so they often take frequent trips to both Disneyland Paris and Florida. Although life at Kings Ripton isn’t only about taking holidays, I really liked how special and personal they made each holiday, with emphasis on making it all about the individual going on that holiday. The sense of community was also lovely to see at the home. One individual is turning 50 this month and so staff and the people we support have organised a surprise trip to Paris for him. They also often take outings to London to see different plays and shows- musicals are a firm favourite!

Out and about in disney land with a person we support in the kings ripton home Disney land day trip with a resident of Kings Ripton A person we support from the kings ripton care service having fun at disney land A person we support from the kings ripton care home at disney land

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