Farewell from Peter Kinsey

This week I’d like to share with you a decision I’ve made about stepping down as Chief Executive of Achieve together. My original plan was to stay on as a special advisor, however on reflection I’ve changed my mind. 

Emma Pearson starts as the new Chief Executive on the 15th January.  It’s important that she becomes established in the role and I think it could be more challenging if her predecessor is still in the organisation, particularly if they are well known by staff.  

I’ve been with CMG for 13 years and have always had a policy of being as visible as I can. I visited 10 services a week for many years and increased that to 15, during the time CMG and Regard merged.   Everyone in CMG knows me and I have got to know and like an increasing number of Regard staff.

I have therefore decided to leave Achieve together at the end of January after I have handed over to Emma. I’m sure she will do an excellent job leading Achieve together and I wish her every success.

It has been such a privilege to lead CMG and then Achieve together and I’m proud of the work that we have done to help the people we support have the best possible quality of life.

I’m particularly proud of : 

–          The work we have done to ensure that people we support have a strong voice in our organisation culminating in our very active Campaign 4 Change group.

–          The active partnership we have developed with the families of the people we support. I would particularly like to thank the relative quality checkers who give up their time free of charge to carry out quality inspections in our services.

–          The active involvement of CMG in developing the Driving Up Quality Code, a national initiative launched after the Winterbourne View scandal to promote openness and transparency in provider organisations.

–          The wide range of good practice initiatives we have launched working with partner organisations; this includes our accessible guides to staying safe on line and on transgender issues developed with CHANGE, an organisation led by people with learning disabilities.

–          The excellent training that our Learning and Development Team have produced over the years which resulted in a Skills for Care accolade.

–          Our quality ratings. Achieve together has more outstanding ratings than any other national learning disability provider.

–          More recently the development of our Wheel of Engagement which our staff have really embraced as a way of driving an improved quality of life for the people we support.


I would like to wish you all the very best for the future,



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