Empowering People at The Droveway

Read about how The Droveway empowers people to live their best quality life.

The Droveway in Brighton & Hove is a residential home supporting six people: Charlotte, Danny, Ryan, Craig, Adam and Jordanna, with ages ranging from 28-57 years. Everyone at The Droveway has Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and complex health needs.

Providing an insight into life at the home, our Registered Manager for The Droveway told us: “Everyone here has their own cheeky personality, and the most amazing zest for life. The atmosphere is very homely and bubbly, with lots of love and laughter. We continuously explore ideas that could empower and improve the quality of life for people we support, and strive to promote a positive and meaningful approach to supporting individuals who live here. We are surrounded by likeminded services and work as a close-knit community, sharing knowledge and supporting each other.”

Making use of bespoke wheelchairs to frequently get out and about in their local community, the manager says, “We always have a positive outlook on the variety of activities we can offer – we see obstacles as opportunities!”

The manager is proud of the many positive outcomes and achievements, recalling, “When CH moved to us, the team discovered he suffered from high anxiety levels. He would display this in severe reflux and vomiting, would not allow team members to interact with him, and refrain from socialising with his peers. He would become distressed easily with change, for example going from his bedroom to the bathroom, or going through the dining room to the lounge, rather than the hallway to the lounge. Something so small could easily distress him.

“However over time, our team have supported CH with his emotions. We implemented routines to support his anxiety levels, with lots of verbal prompts and objects of references. And now, he is loving life, is a completely different young man, and has found his own personality. His family are so proud of him!”

In another example, JR has been successfully supported to participate with the home’s new ‘pet corner’. JR visited the pet shop and interacted with the selection of different fish she could choose from. The manager says, JR is enjoying taking it in turns to feed the fish daily, enjoys sitting near the pet corner, and likes listening to the waterfall feature which she finds very relaxing. We are now expanding our pet corner to include guinea pigs, following a series of regular successful pet therapy sessions which everyone enjoys. Family members all think it’s a fantastic idea and can’t wait for the new additions to The Droveway family!”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, The Droveway have been encouraging people to remain active by doing lots of ‘wheelchair dancing’, music and movement, which has kept the energy going. People have also been spending lots of time in the garden, enjoying the good weather, adding to and decorating the new courtyard with flowers, a herb wheelbarrow and fabulous artwork.

The Droveway is a specialist residential service for adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), physical disabilities, and complex health needs including epilepsy.

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