Emma’s update – November 2020

Find out what exciting events and activities have been taking place this month…

Hi everyone,
As we approach winter, I am really noticing the darker nights, and realising that I should be getting out more for fresh air.  This winter darkness impacts on us all, particularly in a world where we currently don’t have the benefit of travel and visiting others, to give us that ‘sunshine’ factor.

I am making a personal commitment to find some time, three times a week in the middle of the day, when I can get out for a walk or a run… even in the rain.  It is good for headspace, and good for wellbeing.  If we can’t stay healthy, fit and clear of mind, we won’t be able to run the marathon!  Wellbeing is always important, and especially now, when we have more restrictions than usual.  I hope that all of you will also find some time to get outside for a break, and encourage this of your colleagues and teams.

Here is a photo of me on my run:

Lots has been happening around the organisation, and it’s always so lovely to see all the interesting activities taking place in the homes.

I am pleased to see the people we support making good use of technology to stay in touch with their family and friends. We are inevitably making increasing use of the digital world, and it’s good to see our people being supported to do this.

Phil from Uplands has successfully been using ‘Facetime’ to connect with his sister:

Remembrance Sunday took place recently, was very well remembered across Achieve together.
The people we support at Sandylee House got creative and made three impressive poppy soldiers for their window:

The people we support at Arrowe Hall created a beautiful display in memory of our fallen soldiers.  Interestingly, Arrowe Hall was originally used as a hospital in both of the world wars, so the residents and team have a special connection to Remembrance Day.  Here is their wall decoration:

Ty Coedwig also spent time creating a lovely poppy cross, to commemorate Remembrance Day:

Congratulations to Sam from Rivendell, for obtaining a certificate for his knowledge of Fire Safety!  When Rivendell had their monthly fire test and evacuation, Sam showed amazing skills and knowledge about the procedures, what to do, and when:

Also a big shout out to Gillion from Hersham Gardens, who has successfully raised £105 for her local hospice over the past few weeks, by doing sponsored walks. Amazing effort – well done Gillion!









Homes also raised awareness for ‘Children in Need’, with Byfield Court getting into their pyjamas for a fun ‘sleepover’:

And the people we support at The Meadows, also got into their Pudsey Bear shirts to help raise awareness:

With Christmas only a few weeks away now, the Christmas card competition has been completed!  We received some amazing, artistic entries:

After opening voting up, the winners are:

1st:  Vallance Gardens
2nd: Carden Avenue
3rd: Stephen from Beudygwyn

Congratulations to all for these beautiful designs.  We look forward to seeing the Vallance Gardens picture turned into Christmas cards.

And finally, another reminder to everyone to stay well by getting some daylight breaks and exercise outside, despite the cold weather!

Thank you all again