Emma’s update – January 2021

See what achievements and celebrations have been taking place this month!

Dear Everyone,

Welcome to 2021!  I hope this year will be good for you all – filled with positivity, strength and good health, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Thank you to our fantastic teams, for your on-going hard work, care and incredible dedication. Everyone has continued to pull together and I am very proud of the great support we deliver.  I regularly receive thank you letters from families and health professionals directly, but also I see the super compliments that many of you upload onto Governance on a regular basis – keep them coming, they really showcase your work, and they all get read!

The Achieve together vision, to provide “the best specialist support, inspiring a generation to ensure people live happy, healthy and meaningful lives” is being delivered day in, day out.  I appreciate your support and focus to make us the best at what we do, and just as importantly, making sure we are brave and work together in tackling anything that could be better.  My expectation is always that we raise challenges early, solve problems together and learn well from anything that we need to improve – that way we can always do our very best in supporting people.

December and January have been really challenging for so many people.  The vaccine roll out is great news and I am so pleased to see that the take up has been very good in many areas, helping us to keep everyone safe.  Looking ahead a bit (sometimes hard to do, but Spring IS on the way), I thought you might like some inspiration on healthy living whilst we remain in lockdown.   Visit the Healthy lockdown habits on our website for a bit of inspiration – I particularly like the look of the diary and the certificate.  I’d love to see some pictures of people we support or indeed team members receiving their certificates so keep sending them in to: communications@achievetogether.co.uk

People we support have been really busy – despite the challenges – and I have included a huge range of exciting news and activities below:

A huge congratulations to our team in Plymouth, who have received recognition in the local press for their hard work!  The team at Mirabelle House have been praised for tirelessly supporting the people in their care. Find out more in Plymouth Live’s article here.

Before we went into full lockdown, Tom from St Helens House achieved his long term goal of learning to wrestle. Here he is learning to complete a side roll, and break-falling for his first session! He was very well supported and encouraged by staff at the gym:

The team at Hazelwood House created this incredible sensory room for the people we support, filled with mesmerising ceiling projections, colours and specialist lighting techniques. It was enjoyed very much by all!


Lise from Robins Way, one of our specialist deaf services, recently received her new motability car from Fords.
After a long wait due to COVID-19, she is thrilled to finally have her car. Congratulations to Lise!

At the beginning of the month, lots of fun celebrations took place around Achieve together, to bring in the New Year. Bower Mount Road held what they called an ‘epic’ New Year’s party, and the people we support at Mill House enjoyed a healthy walk around their village to get some exercise and fresh air:


I look forward to seeing more inspiring activities as we continue into the year ahead – I know there are some exciting ones being planned!

I would also like to remind you about the lovely opportunity to get involved in the Campaign 4 Change Art project. This is part of a larger project called ‘Creating Connections’ where C4C are working alongside See Ability and Learning Disability England (and their members) to help reduce loneliness and isolation for people with learning disabilities and/or autism during the pandemic.

The project has now begun, however if you would still like to join, please email: C4C@achievetogether.co.uk

Please share the Easy Read link here with the people you support, to explain more about the art project.

Wishing you all the best,