Emma’s update – August 2020

Learn more about our wonderful Pimp my Chair competition, and catch up with what’s been going on…

Dear everybody,

We have been having such a beautiful summer, and despite the challenging situation with COVID-19, you have all been managing to do a wonderful job of keeping everyone as safe and well as possible.  This is a gentle reminder to stay attentive, and safe, as cases slightly increase.

Inspiring activities and competitions have continued as usual across the organisation, with many people participating and enjoying themselves!

The ‘Pimp my chair’ competition was wonderful – with some incredibly creative entries including mermaids, police cars, aeroplanes, the Hungry Caterpillar and more. The winner was MS from Meesons, who starred as The Greatest Showman.  You can see the winning videos here.

People have been keeping very busy, making the most out of the beautiful weather and enjoying the opportunity to be outside, where possible.  Here are a few stories from across the organisation:

We also celebrated ‘International Day of Friendship’. Honeywood and Meesons Lodge produced some lovely artwork during Learning Disability Week to show their friends they care:

The ‘Simple Summer Menu challenge’ is underway, and we now have a menu of delicious dishes which were voted for!  These were:

Starter: ‘Pepper and Feta Flan’ by Sue Petit from 37 Lewes Road

Main: ‘Lemon chicken tagliatelle’ by Emma Parker from 37 Lewes Road

Dessert: ‘Fairies on the Rainbow’ by Maria LopezEgea from 22B Carden Avenue ‘

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail: ‘Watermelon lemonade Cocktail’ by Aaron Forster from Century Way

These homes will be filming themselves creating the dishes, within a specific time-frame, for our own Achieve together cookery show!  This should be great fun to participate in and to watch.  Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas.

I am also looking forward to seeing some fitness records broken for the Achieve together Olympics, which take place on 21st August.  This is wonderful opportunity to embrace exercise goals, and for house members to get into the team spirit!  Winners will be getting Achieve together certificates and I’m sure we will be hearing of some amazing achievements.

I would like to thank all staff, once again, for your amazing hard work and dedication over the last few months.  I am so proud of you all.