Emma Pearson, Chief Executive Officer

Emma Pearson CEOEmma Pearson, Chief Executive Officer

I want to know that I can make a difference, and to work with people who are also motivated by that. I didn’t just choose to come into social care…. I chose to join Achieve together…. and a big part of that was the values of this amazing organisation; being brave, having fun, making things happen and valuing everyone. I see these lived in action every day which makes this a special community.

I am extremely proud of the work we do, particularly of our amazing teams – I see evidence every day of how they help deliver our vision… which is to ‘provide the best specialist support, inspiring a generation to enable people live happy, healthy, and meaningful lives’. This vision statement was crafted with people we support, our team members and families. It really defines everything we are seeking to do.

Looking back, every job have done has had a strong social purpose at its core. Having grown up with a doctor and a teacher as parents, and having worked as a part time care assistant whilst still at school, working to improve the care and support people receive within our UK system is what makes me tick. Prior to taking up my role with Achieve together in early 2020, I worked at board and non-executive level for many different organisations, almost always in healthcare or education.

People we support and our teams are at the very heart of Achieve together, and I spend much of my time meeting and talking to everyone in person when I am out and about, or through virtual forums. The best part of my job is spending time with people we support, particularly through our many events such as Pimp my Chair, Wheel of Engagement, and our Heroes awards. Th e judging is fierce and great fun. It always makes my day.

I count myself lucky to work with extraordinary people every day which is truly inspiring.  Working to support people with complex needs to live an ordinary life is fulfilling and purposeful, and every waking moment is about making life better… an incredible privilege to be part of.