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You can watch the animals at the following links!

  • Edinburgh Zoo – See the Pandas, Koalas, Penguins and Tigers here 
  • Marwell Zoo – See the Flamingos, Penguins, Giraffes and Lemurs here
  • Dublin Zoo – See the Elephants, Penguins, Zebras , Rhinos and Ostriches here
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium – See the Otters, Penguins, Coral Reefs, Jelly Fish and more here
  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium – See the Dolphins, Turtles, Pelicans and Otters here 
  • Living Coast Wild Planet Trust – See the penguins have their breakfast at 10:30 and lunch at 14:30 here

Visit 10 Awesome Museums 

(without leaving your home!)