Come Dine with 33 Egmont Road!

People at 33 Egmont Road have recently started a Come Dine With Me competition!

33 Egmont Road have started a Come Dine With Me Competition!

A resident at Egmont road gets cooking for the Come Dine with Me competition

The people we support at 33 Egmont Road were really keen to get competitive when it comes to cooking! They have a chef that comes in every week to help with baking and decided to turn it into a competition where each week, a person we support decides what to cook and then with the help of the chef and staff, prepares a meal for the rest of the house. So many amazing meals have been made, such as baked potatoes, roast chicken, salmon, cookies and a scrumptious chocolate cake!

Person we support bakes some delicious treats for her fellow residents

The people we support are at the forefront of every stage in the competition, from devising a menu, chopping up carrots and onions, to voting for the winner!

This venture has encouraged independence and social inclusion at 33 Egmont, allowing everyone to feel engaged and the people we support are enjoying getting more involved, both in helping around the house and interacting with others.

Really well done to 33 Egmont Road for this inspiring and innovative competition!

Residents learning life skills including cooking and entertaining