Case studies

At Achieve together we have lots of examples of staff who have progressed with their careers in the company. Working for Achieve together gives a clear path to career progression. Check out some case studies below.

Kirsty, Team Leader

“Before joining I worked with children with learning disabilities and special educational needs.

The reason I chose to work here is because they have a reputation for having a ‘solid background’, and when I did my research, I read about their good reputation. Person-centred care is at the forefront and their main goal – and I like that.

What I enjoy about my job is that every day is different. I like seeing that we make a difference to the people we support – it feeds the soul.

For anyone considering joining us, I’d say to them ‘Do it!’ When you see what a difference you make, it makes all your work worthwhile. You will need to support the individuals in their own world – you will need to push yourself out of your box, and look at the world in a different, interesting way.”


Amyleigh, Manager

“Previously I was a beautician before starting my career here. I’ve now been with Regard for 11 years and love it.

What initially interested me about care work, is the variety, and that each day is different. I’ve also always been very interested in mental health, and this was a great opportunity to make a difference.

I was impressed by the company’s high standards and quality – which are clear through how the company operates. The care they provide is of excellence and top quality.

Their vision reflects my own – hard work, excellence, treating everyone as individuals, providing the best quality of life for others, and having a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

What I enjoy most about my job is the positive outcomes for staff – promotions and training, as well as for the people we support – achieving their goals.

For anyone considering joining Achieve together, I’d say: ‘If you want a serious career in care, this is the company to go for – they support you all the way!”


Cass, Area Director

“Achieve together has the same values, vision and mission as my own. The reason I chose to work here, is because it is a vibrant and dynamic organisation, as well as compassionate and caring.

When I researched working for the company, there was a great deal of emphasis on providing outstanding care to the individuals we support, and substantial investment in the staff who work for the organisation.

After graduation from university I got into the care sector, when I started working in a residential home for individuals suffering from complex mental health concerns. I split my working week by also working for a community care provider specialising in complex mental health, younger adults and the elderly.

I love the variety of care work and supporting individuals at different stages of their recovery. Subjects that fascinate me are psychology, health and the implementation of treatment plans, and I enjoy identifying outcomes for each individual. I am pleased to bring my passions to such a high quality, reputable organisation.

I love visiting the services and meeting with the staff, individuals we support and families. Every day is completely different, and I get to provide solutions to the daily challenges that my particular area is faced with.

My ultimate goal is to ensure the care and support is the best it can possibly be, and that the staff delivering the service feel supported, valued and invested in. Enhancing individual’s lives as well as empowering staff to develop personally and professionally are passions of mine.

For anyone considering joining us, I say – come and join us! Everyone is so warm, welcoming and passionate about improving the lives of the individuals we support. Everyone within the organisation is so humble and charismatic.

It’s a great organisation for progression, as there is a great deal of opportunity for growth. Many managers have been promoted within the organisation which highlights how much it invests in people.”


Quotes from staff

  • ‘For me, it’s more than a job.  You come here to help someone and for me, that’s really rewarding’ – Marco, Supported Living.
  • ‘I must admit, I thought it would be scary but it wasn’t at all.  The guys are so much fun’ – Sheila, Residential.
  • ‘This is my dream. I always wanted to help people’ – Mary, Residential.
  • We are trusted that we can do our best. My manager gives us stretching goals to show what we are capable of.” IIP Report 2018.
  • “The work is so varied and interesting. No two days are the same. This is important for me.” IIP Report 2018.