C from Wren Park gets engaged!

C from Wren Park has recently got engaged after being supported to live a more independent life with the help of staff

C from Wren Park has recently got engaged after finding new independence in her life.

She has an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and so lives in the supported living area in Wren Park. Over the years, staff have supported her to become more independent and gain confidence, especially through integration in the community. She managed to get voluntary employment and attends courses at the local college, as well as participating in regular exercise. Wren Park has 3 separate areas based on levels of support needed. When C first came to Wren Park, she was placed in Wadham, which is the area in which individuals get the most support. As she has grown in confidence and independence, she moved to Pembroke, which is the house where individuals have the most independence from staff.

Through her integration in the community, she was able to meet her fiancé and recently got engaged. With the help of our staff, she is planning to move onto completely independent living with her fiancé.

An amazing and inspiring story, well done to both C and staff!